Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Get Animal Acupuncture For Your Pet

Have you been considering acupuncture for your pet? Animal acupuncture can be soothing if your pet is suffering from symptoms such as pain or anxiety. Dogs and cats can suffer from arthritis, inflammation or other painful inflictions.

FIND A PROFESSIONAL - Search for professional acupuncturists in your area, usually a veterinarian. Acupuncture is a highly technical procedure that must be done accurately. Make sure that you find an experienced expert that has an extensive history of working with pets. Ask for references, you may find great support in talking with another pet owner that has already gone through the procedure.

LISTEN TO YOUR PET - Watch for signs that your pet is not tolerating the procedure. Dogs usually tolerate acupuncture more than cats. If your pet is not tolerating the procedure, stop. Do not force the procedure on your pet if they are uncomfortable or too anxious to have the procedure done safely.

PRICING - Check the pricing with all the local veterinarian acupuncturists that you can find. You may not have many choices and have to go with whomever is available in your area unless you do not mind traveling.

Acupuncture is said to heal the natural chi of the body by eastern practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western trained veterinarians claim that endorphins released during acupuncture kill the pain.