Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel Quick Facts:
Build Small
Medium Difficulty to Train
Grooming Low
Maintenance Medium
Shedding Medium
Occasional Walks Needed
Medium/High Energy Level
Makes an Effective Watch Dog
Good With Older Children
Tibetan Spaniel History
Originally breed by Tibetan monks as prayer dogs, and make excellent companion dogs and watchdogs. They are not actually related to the Spaniel breed even though they share the same age. They were registered with the AKC in 1983.
Tibetan Spaniel Temperament
These dogs are very intune with the emotions and feelings of their owner and follow suit. They have a lot of energy and are not the best dogs to have around babies or small children. They really love a lot of attention from their own and demand a lot of human interaction. They do not demand a lot of exercise, but of course you will still want to exercise them to keep them in good health.
They are very smart and easy to train. They do want to be left alone. Although they do get along with other animals, females do not do as well with other females.
Early socialization is necessary with this breed.
Tibetan Spaniel Grooming
This breed does shed seasonally so it is not good for allergy sufferers. They do need to be brushed twice a week and trimmed on occasion.
Tibetan Spaniel Appearance
They are a small dog weighing about 9-15 pounds and standing 10 inches tall. They have a very fluffy coat that comes in a variety of colors such as white, red, black, tan and gold.
Tibetan Spaniel Health Problems and Life Expectancy
The life expectancy of the Tibetan Spaniel is 12-18 years and they have been known to have some health problems such as liver problems and allergies.


  1. i am petrified of dogs.. but i so want to get a dog of my own.. yea g figure.. but i figure this blog will educate me enough about dogs..
    keep blogging :)

  2. Hopefully we can find one that is a perfect fit for you.