Monday, February 23, 2009

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier
Photograph by skaty222

Tibetan Terrier Quick Facts:

Build Small/Meduim Size
Medium Difficulty to Train

Grooming Low/Medium

Maintenance Low/Medium

Shedding Low

Regular Walks Needed

Medium Energy Level

Makes an Effective Watch Dog

Good with Children older children

Tibetan Terrier History

The Tibetan Terrier was breed in Tibet where it lived in monasteries and was believed to be good luck by the monks. He is not related to the terrier breed and makes a good companion dog. First registered with the AKC in 1973.

Tibetan Terrier Temperament

He makes a great companion dog because he is so loyal and friendly. He does have a good amount of energy but is sensible. He loves to climb and play outside.

Not a good pet for families with small children.

Tibetan Terrier Grooming

They require less and less maintenance as they grow older. Older dogs require very little grooming.

Tibetan Terrier Appearance

He is a small to medium size dog and normally weighs between 19-30 pounds and stands about 14-17 inches in height.

Tibetan Terrier Health Problems and Life Expectancy

This breed will normally live about 12-15 years. There are a few known health problems including cataracts and thyroid problems.

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